Rogue Spear: Gear

Electronics Kit

This kit speeds up placing bugs, rewiring security cameras, and related electrical tasks. It contains a high precision multimeter, miniature power supplies, a breadboard, and digital analyzer. A full complement of jumpers, clips, and miscellaneous electrical parts rounds out the kit.

Breaching Charges

Breaching charges are used to explosively remove doors for rapid entry. Flashbangs do not need to be used in conjunction with a breaching charge as they stun, wound, or even kill anyone nearby.


These compact, lightweight binoculars are specially constructed to withstand the rigors of CT operations. A built in range finder and choice of 4x and 8x zoom factors make these the item of choice for RAINBOW recon missions.

Demolitions Kit

This kit speeds both the placing and disarming of explosives. It contains basic electrical diagnostic equipment along with the essential mechanical tools needed to perform the job. Extra primer, detcord, and a variety of adhesives complete the kit.


Capable of stunning observers with a combination bright flash and loud report, flashbangs are commonly tossed into rooms to 'prepare' rooms prior to entry. The valauble seconds gained while potential hostiles recover from the stun effects can mean the difference between life and death to a tactical team. Also known as distraction devices or stun grenades.

Fragmentation (Frag) Grenades

The M61 fragmentation grenade is the standard issue offensive grenade used by infantry throughout the world. While its blast radius is small, an overhand throw is still necessary to safely clear the blast radius in the open.

Heartbeat Sensor

The Heartbeat Sensor is capable of tracking a human heartbeat even through thick layers of concrete. It works by detecting the characteristic ultra-low-frequency electric field given off by a beating heart. When in use, the hearbeat sensor scans in a small circle around the user as well as a larger cone straight ahead.

Lockpick Kit

This kit speeds the picking of locks. Its primary component is a highly sophisticated auto-pick capable of opening most mechanical locks in a few seconds. Electrical keycard or swipe locks are handled using a classified system containing presets for all major keycard variations.

Multiplayer Inventory Items(include all of the above plus items below)


A small explosive that can be detonated from a remote location. Great for campers.

Smoke Grenades

The Smoke Grenades in RS are multiplayer only (ai issues), however are a effective tool, 5seconds after throwing it, you'll get a big cloud of smoke to cover your position.

Heartbeat Sensor Jammer

A device that will "jam" any heartbeat sensor in its set radius.

Remote Heartbeat sensor

This remote heartbeat sensor can be placed almost anywhere to detect heartbeats up to its set radius.

False Heartbeat Puck

Emits a false heartbeat signal, which will show up on the oposing teams heartbeat sensor.


Depending on your weapon you will use different Ammunitions. Munitions ranged from 9mm(subsonic) all the way up to a 50caliber Anti-Vehicle round.